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Graphics & Rendering Portfolio

The following projects are In reverse chronological order. All were done on Linux machines. The coding was in C++/C. The GUI's made use of OpenGL/GLUI. I've ported some projects to Windows and made them available in the Windows EXE format.

visual_ranges_v3.png (257861 bytes)

Visual Fidelity of 3D Regular Sampling and Reconstruction (Fall 2007)
- Master's Thesis
- PowerPoint Presentation Slides

screen_fish.PNG (153665 bytes)

Tai Meng, Benjamin Smith, Alireza Entezari, Arthur E. Kirkpatrick, Daniel Weiskopf, Leila Kalantari, Torsten Möller, "On Visual Quality of Optimal 3D Sampling and Reconstruction," Graphics Interface 2007, pp. 265-272, Montreal, May 2007.

eurovis06.gif (111869 bytes)

Alireza Entezari, Tai Meng, Steven Bergner, Torsten Möller, "A Granular Three Dimensional Multiresolution Transform," Proceedings of Eurographics/IEEE-VGTC Symposium on Visualization 2006 (EuroVis 2006), pp. 267-274, Lisbon, Portugal, May 2006.

denoise_compare.gif (227882 bytes)

De-noising on the Body Centered Cubic Sampling Lattice (Spring 2006)
- Presentation Slides: PowerPoint | PDF

Q4_elvis_2_fft_nearest_neighbor.png (60555 bytes)

Reconstruction of 2D Images (Spring 2006)

isohipiph.jpg (35582 bytes)

Cell Projection Based Rendering of 3D Volumetric Data (Summer 2002 - Fall 2003)

skittle.jpg (19757 bytes)

Maya Based Animation Project | View Animation (mpg format) (Spring 2003)

closeup.jpg (60010 bytes)

Maya Still Scenes (Spring 2003)

cube-ON-myPic-debug.jpg (16729 bytes)

Intermediate Surface Texture Mapping | Download Windows EXE (Fall 2002)

bunny-sub1.jpg (22403 bytes)

Subdivision Surfaces | Download Windows EXE (Fall 2002)

tut2.jpg (18503 bytes)

Radiance Scenes (Fall 2002)

room.jpg (21059 bytes)

Ray Tracer (Spring 2002)

taitris3D.jpg (99027 bytes)

3D Tetris | Download Windows EXE (a bit buggy) (Spring 2002)

taitris2D.jpg (29005 bytes)

2D Tetris | Download Windows EXE (a bit buggy) (Spring 2002)



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