May 2002

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What can I say? I just LOVE the stage!

Our church musical, "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" was sold out two weeks before the first performances. In fact, people had to come an hour before the show to get good seats. Children young and old embraced the stage with such energy and craft that, for an hour and a half each night, they sang and danced like stars on Broadway, and surely, did Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber proud.

We will be performing again in June. And rumor has it that a producer was interested in bringing our musical to the Stanley Park this summer.

And this past weekend I went to a camping retreat near White Rock, met a bunch of new friends, and had a great time. We played Ultimate Frisbee and closed the scoring at 100 to 94. We had four-legged races (with three people tied together by the legs), and you had to be a pretty tough kid to be in the middle. We roasted hot dogs on a camp fire, and listened to the Canucks final playoff game on the radio.

The night before we left for home, the campers were divided into hobbits, elves, trolls, and orgs, and tried to capture each other's "flag" in the dark of the night. I was an elf by assignment (there is still a capital "E" "imprinted" on my cheek), and in my group of five we nearly got robbed by a gang of orgs. Fortunately, Gandalf showed up in the nick of time and saved us. After the game, we sang around the campfire, and this really cool girl taught me this really cool song about this really funny princess. It was such a fun time!

And I have some graphics to show from last semester. Check them out here. Ciao for now =)


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