INETCO Insight Web Client

INETCO Systems (Full time, 2008 - 2009)

  • Gathered user requirements and completed user interface design in collaboration with web team.

  • Prototyped then integrated user interface for 8 days of historical data retrieval.

  • Stored user defined charts in a remote database between sessions while developing solid web (online) debugging skills.

  • Resolved race conditions, leakages, and data corruption near end of project cycle without introducing risk into project timeline.

  • Improved performance more than 10 fold.

  • Repaired user interface rollover effects and mouse cursor behavior for click, drag, and drop handling.

  • Iterated with colleagues to design, implement, and polish multiple filters so users can set up multiple ways to view data of interest.

  • Completed hot update: if server configuration is changed by admin, web client will auto restart and refresh.

Tai Meng | 孟泰 | Last Updated: February 07, 2018