Games Shipped

Radical Entertainment (Full time, 2008)


  • Tools programmer on Advanced Technology Group.

  • Eliminated productivity bottlenecks in 2 applications shared by several game teams that were pushing artists months off schedule.

  • Collaborated with graphics programmers and game programmers to repair rendering and animation breakages affecting several games.

  • Credits on mobygames.com.

Electronic Arts (1 co-op term, 2004)

  • Pipelines programmer on NBA Live!

  • Maintained a Perl based art pipeline while serving artists and producers.

  • Administered a Qube! art pipeline farm for EA Burnaby and Blackbox while initiating a contingency plan for a high risk farm upgrade.

Radical Entertainment (2 co-op terms, 2003 - 2004)

  • Tools programmer on Advanced Technology Group.

  • Completed memory optimization tasks such as skeletal downsizing and collision mesh downsizing, paving the way for memory optimizations across game teams.

  • Designed and implemented a multithreaded Lua debugger following the client-server model. Deployed it among several games teams.


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