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Target Position: Software Developer

  • 12 years of C++ including 7 years of production code and several dozen school projects.

  • 8 months of ActionScript 3.0 and MXML while completing a product cycle in a team of 5 on a commercial Rich Internet Application; familiarity with Adobe AIR.

  • 1 year of Java across 4 university programming courses; 1 industry project involving C#.

  • Quality assurance: built auto tests for desktop applications, algorithms, and debugger engine.

  • Leadership skills: team lead for 3 IT projects each involving 4+ team members.

  • M.Sc; Top graduate (top CGPA) in the Faculty of Applied Sciences in graduating class.

Work Experience

Software Developer, Core Team, Safe Software (2009 – Present, full time)

  • Algorithms (2D & 3D), performance, scalability, and optimization (C++).

Software Developer, R&D, INETCO Systems Limited (2008 – 2009, 8 months, full time)

  • Gathering and fulfilling high priority user requirements for a Rich Internet Application (RIA).

  • Prototyping and implementing collaborative designs using Flex Builder 3 for several RIA sub-systems using a mixture of agile and waterfall methodologies.

  • Parsing XML using ActionScript for client to server communication during several projects.

  • Investigating and resolving a blocker daylight savings bug in Adobe’s DateTimeAxis while working with Adobe JIRA and rallying 9 votes to ensure speediness of resolution.

  • Developing web debugging skills in resolving race conditions, leakages, and data corruption.

Tools Programmer, ATG, Radical Entertainment (2008, 6 months, full time)

  • Iterating with character and lighting artists to eliminate productivity bottlenecks in 2 desktop applications while saving the company several months of productivity (C++/Qt/C#).

  • Collaborating with graphics programmers and game programmers to repair and improve render selection in a game editor, a hot spot for unintended integration bugs (C++).

  • Communicating action items, timelines, and progress to 10+ clients in person and via wiki.

  • Refining code reading and debugging skills while working with graphics code, game code, pipeline code, tools code, and legacy code written by 20+ programmers.

Pipelines Programmer, NBA Live, Electronic Arts (2004, 4 months, coop)

  • Maintaining art pipelines while serving requests from artists and producers (Perl/qube).

Tools Programmer, ATG, Radical Entertainment (2003 – 2004, 8 months, coop)

  • Coding and auto-testing the engine of a Lua debugger (C++/PS2/Xbox/GameCube/PC).

  • Teaming up with programmers and Lua scripters for code review, piloting, and integration.

Research Assistant, Graphics Lab, Simon Fraser University (2002 – 2003, 8 months, coop)

  • Researching, designing, and implementing a 5000-line 3D volume rendering algorithm and integrating it into a 100,000-line rendering pipeline (C++/wxWindows/bash).

Education @ Simon Fraser University (SFU)

  • Master of Science, Computing Science (2005 – 2007): Three refereed publications: GI 2007, EuroVis 2006, and TVCG 2011.

  • Bachelor of Science, Computing Science, with Math Minor (2000 – 2005): Top graduate (top CGPA) in the Faculty of Applied Sciences in graduating class.

Leadership & Initiative

  • Visual Fidelity of 3D Regular Sampling and Reconstruction (2006 – 2008, 2 years, full time): Spearheading a group of 8 in developing visual response analytics, user studies, and pipelines for volumetric rendering, signal down-sampling, and data plot generation.

  • Legal Representative (Workers Compensation, 2002 – 2007, 5 years, part time): Representing my mother for 3 rounds inside the Workers Compensation system, and 3 days of oral hearings with written submissions at the British Columbia Supreme Court.

  • The M-Poster (Maya Animation, 2003, 3 months, part time): Managing a team of 5 in producing a short animation that received the top grade in class.

  • BugBase (Bug Tracker in Java, 2001, 3 months, part time): Following the waterfall software engineering model, scheduling tasks such as design, coding, testing, and review in detail for a team of 4 for the majority of stages in the project.

  • Tennis Club President (Simon Fraser University, 2000 – 2001, 1 year, part time): Creating a home page, coordinating weekly in-door plays, and managing club finance.

Major Achievements

  • NSERC CGS-M Scholarship (National, 2005 – 2007).

  • Computing Science Graduation Award: for top undergraduate student in Computing Science (Grad Year 2005 – 2006).

  • ACM Programming Contest: 23rd out of 82 teams in Pacific Northwest (International, 2003).

  • Gordon M. Shrum Scholarship (University, 2000 – 2005).



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